Trova Trout Farm is situated in the beautiful mountains of Sabie, on the Longtom Pass in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. The area is dedicated to the commercial farming of pine trees – hence the clear cold water throughout the year, ideal for the holding of brood stock and the production of quality trout ova.

Previously known as Sabieshoek Trout, it has been producing quality genetics, certified disease free without interruption since 1998 – to date the oldest disease free certified farm in South Africa. It is owned and backed by the Lunsklip Group of Companies, pioneers in aquaculture since 1972.

The farm is tested ongoing with two samplings per year to coincide with routine stripping of hens during winter and routine slaughter during summer. This is done by the South African state veterinarian authorities as well as an independent aquaculture vet, Dr. David Huchzermeyer who is also involved in Trova’s health management.


All eggs are delivered in polystyrene boxes with 6 trays, enclosed with a strong cardboard box to avoid damage in the transport process. All boxes are clearly labelled and storage instructions clearly visible for all forwarding agents to understand – 100 000 eggs per box and the top tray filled with solid ice and sealed.

Eggs are carefully sorted by hand before packing to ensure top quality ova and the highest possible hatching rate making it easier for our customers in their hatcheries.

Stephan van der Merwe, the now group CEO, joined the company in 1995 growing plate size fish for the meat market, and expanding the processed fish market. He has been actively involved in the production and export of fertilized trout ova at Sabieshoek, now Trova Trout Farm, since 2011.

Our staff are well trained with more than a decade on the farm and together they make a great team, continually striving to improve the ova quality and streamline the incubation and fertilisation process.


Lunsklip have partnered with a dedicated Trova Trout agent to cater for our Iranian clients.

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