Lunsklip fisheries


  • FRESH REGULAR TROUT The traditional Rainbow Trout with bones, head and tail intact.
  • FRESH DEBONED TROUT These are similar to the Fresh Regular Trout without the bones.
  • FRESH TROUT FILLETS Fresh fillets of trout, deboned with skin on one side.
  • FRESH TROUT FILLETS (skinless) As above but without the skin
  • FRESH STUFFED DEBONED TROUT Same as the deboned trout, head and tail intact, but with a nut and garlic filling.
  • FRESH SALMON TROUT These superb fish are grown to between one and two kg in size and the magnificently coloured, pink flesh will lend style to fresh as well as smoked dishes.
  • FRESH SALMON TROUT PORTIONS Meal size portions of salmon trout and a traditional way of preparing these large fish. a superb substitute for salmon
  • TWIN PACK 2x fresh deboned trout per display carton. Individually sleeved and frozen.
  • BUTTERFLY TROUT An exciting new product – fresh trout in butterfly packaging seasoned with dill pesto or alternative seasoning.


  • SMOKED TROUT FILLETS (skin on) 2 x 60g fillets per vacuum pack.
  • SMOKED TROUT FILLETS (skinless) 2 x 60g fillets per vacuum pack.
  • SMOKED PEPPERED FILLETS Smoked fillets sprinkled with a pepper and mustard mix.
  • SMOKED MEAT This vacuum packed product is ideal for patés.
  • COLD SMOKED SALMON TROUT Like smoked salmon, these large trout are traditionally cured and oak-smoked before hand slicing. (From 60g to 500g vacuum packs. Retail packaging with labels – 100g; 250g; and 500g)
  • SMOKIES This product is also cold smoked, but in the form of a fillet.
  • TROUT PANCAKES Savoury smoked trout wrapped in homemade pancakes. Ideal for the special occasion.
  • COLD SMOKED MEAT Ideal for salads and patés.
  • TROUT BALLS Tasty smoked trout/sliced salmon trout ball. Easy to prepare, delicious for that something different.


  • SMOKED TROUT ROULADE This delicacy consists of a roll of smoked trout terrine, interleaved with slices of cold smoked salmon trout (vacuum packed).
  • MINI ROULADE Same as the Smoked Trout Roulade in a smaller portion. Ideal for a starter.
  • SLICED ROULADE Four, vacuum packed, easy to serve slices (30g ea) of smoked trout roulade.
  • AVOCADO AND SMOKED TROUT TERRINE Avocado and cold smoked salmon trout are the main ingredients for this attractive, ready to serve terrine.
  • AVOCADO TERRINE – SLICED The same as above, 4 slices per vacuum pack.
  • SMOKED TROUT PASTY These melt in the mouth sausage roll style pasties, give cocktail time a whole new meaning.
  • SMOKED TROUT PIE A large smoked trout pie, ideal for lunch.
  • SMOKED TROUT PATÉ This delicious product is ideal for a starter. Serve chilled with salad and whole wheat bread.
  • TROUT GRAVADLAX Thinly sliced trout, seasoned with dill, peppercorns and other spices. A Nordic Delight.
  • TRAVIAR Attractive pink trout caviar – seasonal.
  • SALMON TROUT MOUSSE This ready to serve decadent mousse is ideal as a cocktail snack.
  • TROUT TRIO This is a unique and luxurious combination of a portion of smoked peppered fillet, a wheel of roulade and our top grade cold smoked salmon trout. Ideal as a ready to serve starter.
  • TROUT QUICHES A tasty, meal size combination of prime smoked trout, spinach and feta cheese. Together with a green salad, it is something to dream about.